Re: [PATCH RESEND 6/6] clk: s5p-g2d: Fix incorrect usage ofIS_ERR_OR_NULL

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Wed Jan 02 2013 - 04:26:54 EST

On Wed, Jan 02, 2013 at 08:10:36AM +0300, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> clk_get() returns NULL if CONFIG_HAVE_CLK is disabled.
> I told Tony about this but everyone has been gone with end of year
> holidays so it hasn't been addressed.
> Tony, please fix it so people don't apply these patches until
> clk_get() is updated to not return NULL. It sucks to have to revert
> patches.

How about people stop using IS_ERR_OR_NULL for stuff which it shouldn't
be used for?
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