Re: uapi __NR_syscalls for microblaze

From: Michal Simek
Date: Thu Jan 03 2013 - 15:12:59 EST

2013/1/3 Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx>:
> On Thursday 03 January 2013, Michal Simek wrote:
>> 2013/1/3 David Howells <dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> > Michal Simek <monstr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> >> just want to check with you if __NR_syscalls is necessary for user space. I
>> >> see that powerpc and arm have this macro in asm not in uapi like Microblaze.
>> >> If is not needed by user space, I should move it to asm/unistd.h
>> >
>> > It isn't as far as I know... I recommend putting your question on the
>> > linux-arch mailing list.
>> I have add linux-arch to CC.
> Right, I'm pretty sure it's not needed, but it has traditionally been
> exported on a lot of platforms, so you can keep it in UAPI to be
> on the safe side.

Isn't it better to be consistent across all architectures?
If it is wrong to exported and there is no reason to use it in userspace
then all architecture should move it out of uapi.
If there is any reason then it is should be in uapi.


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