Re: Regression: Bacula jobs fail with kernel 3.8-rc1

From: Tilman Schmidt
Date: Fri Jan 04 2013 - 06:25:15 EST

On 31.12.2012 16:07, /me wrote:
> With kernel 3.8-rc1, my nightly Bacula backup job reproducibly aborts
> 20 minutes into spooling with a "broken pipe" error on the network
> socket connecting the file and storage daemons:
> Returning to kernel 3.7.1 makes it work again.

Update/correction: in the meantime

- I had some jobs succeed on kernel 3.8-rc1,
so the failure is not fully reproducible

- it happened with kernel 3.7.1 too, though much less frequently

- I went back to 3.6.11 where I the failure hasn't occurred so far

BTW the fact that the job spends 20 minutes spooling appears to be
part of the problem; a job which aborted after 20 mins on 3.7.1
completed in 3 mins on 3.6.11.

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