3.8-rc1: nouveau: X window session not starting

From: Arend van Spriel
Date: Sat Jan 05 2013 - 05:50:55 EST

Not sure if it is a kernel issue or user-space. Truth is probably
somewhere in the middle. It popped up moving to 3.8-rc1 using nouveau.
Using nvidia's driver works fine. With nouveau, after entering login
credentials in lightDM the user session does not start and I am back at
the lightDM login screen. This is shown in the syslog:

Jan 5 11:28:34 linux-e6410-1 rtkit-daemon[1888]: Successfully made
thread 4920 of process 4920 (n/a) owned by '110' high priority at nice
level -11.
Jan 5 11:28:34 linux-e6410-1 rtkit-daemon[1888]: Supervising 9 threads
of 3 processes of 2 users.
Jan 5 11:28:34 linux-e6410-1 pulseaudio[4920]: [pulseaudio] pid.c:
Daemon already running.
Jan 5 11:28:53 linux-e6410-1 pulseaudio[2767]: [pulseaudio] x11wrap.c:
XOpenDisplay() failed
Jan 5 11:28:53 linux-e6410-1 pulseaudio[2767]: [pulseaudio] module.c:
Failed to load module "module-x11-publish" (argument: "display=:0"):
initialization failed.
Jan 5 11:28:54 linux-e6410-1 kernel: [ 2454.499025] nouveau E[ 4780]
failed to idle channel 0xcccc0000

I can start sessions for Xfce and 'Gnome Classic (without Effects)' so I
suspect compiz to fail. Did not try xcompmgr.

Gr. AvS
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