RE: Incorrect accounting of irq into the running task

From: Sadasivan Shaiju
Date: Sat Jan 05 2013 - 20:57:01 EST

Hi Shaun,

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Subject: Re: Incorrect accounting of irq into the running task

On Fri, Jan 04, 2013 at 10:22:12AM -0800, Sadasivan Shaiju wrote:
> Hi Venkatesh,
> I have applied the following patches for the incorrect accounting of
> irq into the running task .
> [e82b8e4ea4f3dffe6e7939f90e78da675fcc450e]
> [PATCH] sched: Add IRQ_TIME_ACCOUNTING, finer accounting of irq time
> [b52bfee445d315549d41eacf2fa7c156e7d153d5]
> [PATCH] sched: Do not account irq time to current task
> [305e6835e05513406fa12820e40e4a8ecb63743c]
> [PATCH] sched: Export ns irqtimes through /proc/stat
> [abb74cefa9c682fb38ba86c17ca3c86fed6cc464]
> But still the stime and utime of the process in /proc/pid/stat is
> high. I think the above patches does not update The stime and utime
> values in /proc/pid/stat.
> Or am I missing anything?

Just checking that you do have CONFIG_IRQ_TIME_ACCOUNTING=y in your kernel

Yes it is turned on .


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