Re: init_module.2 man page ERRORS text for signed modules

From: Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)
Date: Sun Jan 06 2013 - 15:20:55 EST

[Just after sending, I noticed an error in the text for those errors.
I've amended and am resending]

Hi David, Rusty,

Linux 3.7 added signed modules. As a consequence, init_module()
acquired some new possible error returns. I've put together the text
below to describe the new errors. Does the text look okay?



.BR EBADMSG " (since Linux 3.7)"
Module signature is misformatted.
.BR ENOKEY " (since Linux 3.7)"
.\" commit 48ba2462ace6072741fd8d0058207d630ce93bf1
.\" commit 1d0059f3a468825b5fc5405c636a2f6e02707ffa
.\" commit 106a4ee258d14818467829bf0e12aeae14c16cd7
Module signature is invalid or the kernel does not have a key for this module.
This error is returned only if the kernel was configured with
if the kernel was not configured with this option,
then an invalid or usigned module simply taints the kernel.
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