Re: [PATCH] omap: am33xx-hwmod: Fix wrongly terminated am33xx_usbss_mpu_irqsarray

From: Paul Walmsley
Date: Mon Jan 07 2013 - 15:09:13 EST

On Mon, 7 Jan 2013, Tony Lindgren wrote:

> * Pantelis Antoniou <panto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [130103 14:35]:
> > The IRQ array must be terminated by -1 and not by -1+OMAP_INTC_START
> > This led to having a resource list of 100s of IRQs.
> This is a bug for sure introduced with commit a2cfc509 (ARM: OMAP3+:
> hwmod: Add AM33XX HWMOD data). Anybody care to ack this one?

Acked-by: Paul Walmsley <paul@xxxxxxxxx>

- Paul
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