Re: [PATCH v3] mmc: dw_mmc: Add MSHC compatible for Exynos4412

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Mon Feb 18 2013 - 17:37:05 EST

On Monday 18 February 2013, Dongjin Kim wrote:
> This patch adds the compatible string for MSHC controller of Exynos4412, and
> share the controller specific properties with Exynos5250 since they have same
> features. Its driver data name is changed to exynos_drv_data instead SoC
> specific name.
> Cc: Jaehoon Chung <jh80.chung@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Sachin Kamat <sachin.kamat@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Dongjin Kim <tobetter@xxxxxxxxx>

If they are completely compatibly, you can just list
"samsung,exynos4412-dw-mshc" in the compatible property of the
exynos5250 device tree, along with the other ones like:

compatible = "samsung,exynos5250-dw-mshc", "samsung,exynos4412-dw-mshc", "snps,dw-mshc";

then you don't need to change the driver at all.

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