Current I2C workflow

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 - 04:44:38 EST


working on the transparency thing here regarding the current I2C
workflow. I am currently on, well, let's call it something between
holiday and retreat. I will work on (hopefully all) pending I2C patches
half-time until Friday and then probably disappear for about 3 weeks
again. Disappearing means I will lurk the list for urgent patches and
handle them, but will pass the other ones for later handling. So, please
make sure to emphasize urgent patches.

For a few weeks now, the I2C list is monitored by patchwork [1] (Thanks,
Jeremy!), which should make sure that no patches are forgotten. I do use
the status field, so this list is a good place to check if you wonder
what happened to your patch. I will send replies explaining my
decisions, nonetheless.

People reviewing patches from each other are much appreciated and will
help the process.

And to make clear after some email confusion: wsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx is the
preferred email address for my kernel related stuff.

Off to work,


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