Re: [PATCH] hpet, allow user controlled mmap for user processes

From: Clemens Ladisch
Date: Tue Mar 19 2013 - 10:51:16 EST

Prarit Bhargava wrote:
> On 03/19/2013 03:43 AM, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>> Prarit Bhargava wrote:
>>> + int "Enable HPET MMAP access by default"
>>> + default 0
>> This breaks backwards compatibility.
> Does backwards compatibility matter for something like? I have no problem
> setting it to 1 but I'm more curious from a general kernel point of view.

When somebody updates from some old kernel where HPET mmap was
explicitly enabled, this default value will now disable it. The
default behaviour should always be to be compatible with older

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