[PATCH 0/2] of: Create sysfs view of device tree nodes

From: Grant Likely
Date: Wed Mar 20 2013 - 10:51:28 EST

Hi all,

This series reworks the device tree userspace view to be exposed via
sysfs. I've been wanting to move to using kobjects to manage the device
tree for a while now. It results in less code overall, and it gives us
the userspace view "for free".

The first patch converts the device_nodes into kobjects and registers
them under /sys/firmware/ofw/device-tree. The second removes the old
/proc/device-tree support code and replaces it with a symlink from
/proc/device-tree to the sysfs view.

I attempted to also remove the virtual /proc/openprom filesystem, but
unfortunately /proc/devicetree and /proc/openprom use different
semantics. In /proc/devicetree the properties are exposed as raw
binaries, but in /proc/openprom the properties are all converted into
ascii string representation first.

I've tested this series on ARM and embedded powerpc. I have build tested
on SPARC and x86. Dave, I'm particularly interested to know how well
this runs on SPARC. I think I've got it right, but I haven't tested the
changes to the driver/of/pdt.c code.


Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-firmware-ofw | 28 ++++++
drivers/of/Kconfig | 10 +-
drivers/of/base.c | 180 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
drivers/of/fdt.c | 3 +-
drivers/of/pdt.c | 4 +-
fs/proc/Makefile | 1 -
fs/proc/proc_devtree.c | 243 -------------------------------------------------
fs/proc/root.c | 3 -
include/linux/of.h | 10 +-
include/linux/proc_fs.h | 16 ----
10 files changed, 156 insertions(+), 342 deletions(-)

[PATCH 1/2] of: Make device nodes kobjects so they show up in sysfs
[PATCH 2/2] of: remove /proc/device-tree
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