Re: [RFC PATCH arm: initial TI-Nspire support]

From: Fabian Vogt
Date: Mon Apr 08 2013 - 16:05:23 EST

On Monday 08 April 2013, Fabian Vogt wrote:
The latest kernel it seems to get stuck at
console_lock() in do_register_framebuffer (drivers/video/fbmem.c:1655)
if the LCD-controller is enabled. (Early printk and serial console works
CONFIG_NO_HZ is not activated, it works completely.
Could this be a kernel bug or is this an issue with our timer

This usually happens when the console driver or anything it uses
calls a function that does a printk(), which means you get a recursive
call into the console code and try to get the same lock again.
Yes, I've heard that before, but than it would work/not work independently
of NO_HZ. Can printk's be executet within console_lock() .. console_unlock() blocks?
If not, it could be fb_notifier_call_chain, too, but that wouldn't be likely at all.
I also tried spinlock/mutex debugging and soft lockup detection,
but neither of them outputs anything.
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