Re: [PATCH] kernel: module: strncpy issue, using strlcpy insteadof strncpy

From: Chen Gang
Date: Mon Apr 08 2013 - 21:52:36 EST

On 2013å04æ08æ 21:45, Rusty Russell wrote:
>> >
>> > and for this patch, is it suitable to send patch v2 ?
> Yes, that's fine.

thanks, I will send patch v2 (the subject need delete "strncpy issue")

>>> >> However, kallsyms_lookup also calls kallsyms_expand_symbol, which
>>> >> doesn't stop at KSYM_NAME_LEN, so if a name was longer than that we'd
>>> >> have a real bug.
>>> >>
>>> >> Would you like to take a look at that, too?
>>> >>
>> >
>> > it looks like a bug. for me, I prefer to give length check for it.
>> >
>> > but I am sorry, now, I can not be sure whether it is really a bug.
> It really is. We don't export any symbols > 128 characters, but if we
> did then kallsyms_expand_symbol() would overflow the buffer handed to
> it.
> Your suggestion about an explicit length for kallsyms_expand_symbol() is
> the correct one.

thank you to give me additional chance to send a new patch,
I will send another patch for it.

since you find it, firstly, and also give a confirmation.
can I add you as "Signed-of-by", too ?

and excuse me:
I think I should spend time resources to have a test for new patch.
so I will finish it within this weekend (2013-4-14), is it OK ?


Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation
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