Re: [RFC GIT PULL] nohz: Kconfig layout improvements

From: Frederic Weisbecker
Date: Wed Apr 10 2013 - 12:01:10 EST

2013/4/8 Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> I pulled it into tip:timers/nohz and will push it out if it passes testing because
> I like the improvements - but there's still a few things missing I think.
> Firstly, I performed this "how are users exposed to this new feature" test:
> git checkout v3.9-rc6
> make defconfig
> git checkout tip/master
> make oldconfig
> the x86 (64-bit) defconfig has NO_HZ enabled. When I did the 'make oldconfig', I
> was given:
> *
> * Timers subsystem
> *
> Timer tick handling
> > 1. Periodic timer ticks (constant rate, no dynticks) (PERIODIC_HZ) (NEW)
> 2. Idle dynticks system (tickless idle) (NO_HZ_IDLE) (NEW)
> choice[1-2]:
> [ Firstly, while at it: that should be 'Timer subsystem' or 'Timers'. ]

Isn't "Timers" too general? I really don't mind changing that though.

> More importantly, the new Kconfig behavior is still not quite right for two
> reasons:
> 1)
> the default is not set to NO_HZ_IDLE. The oldconfig .config had
> CONFIG_NO_HZ set - this should be grandfathered over into the new config's
> default choice. That can probably be done by still keeping CONFIG_NO_HZ as
> a migration helper entry.

Ah I did keep it for backward compatibility. We default to
CONFIG_NO_HZ_IDLE if CONFIG_NO_HZ is set. This is just not working
because CONFIG_NO_HZ isn't visible. It's an arbirtrary Kconfig
limitation. I'll just make it visible by adding it a title text and
this will work.

> 2)
> there's still no extended idle tick option offered - due to it not meeting
> Even if I read the Kconfig rules and figure out the dependency, I have to
> perform _two_ steps to get extended ticks:
> I had to manually find CONFIG_VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING_GEN in the .config and
> delete it, so that I'm given the choice on the next 'make oldconfig'.
> Then NO_HZ_EXTENDED was set to disabled in the .config silently, because
> NO_HZ_IDLE was already set. So I had to delete that and re-configure it
> again.

Agreed. I mentioned that in the pull request. It's again due to an
arbitrary Kconfig limitation. The following:

config X
select Y

doesn't work if Y is part of a Kconfig "choice".
I have a patch that fixes in Kconfig, will submit it to Michal and fix
the nohz passive dependency once we get that sorted.

> Highly inconvenient.
> -----------------------
> Once the dependencies are right I like it how then we get offered the 3 variants:
> *
> * Timers subsystem
> *
> Timer tick handling
> > 1. Periodic timer ticks (constant rate, no dynticks) (PERIODIC_HZ) (NEW)
> 2. Idle dynticks system (tickless idle) (NO_HZ_IDLE) (NEW)
> 3. Full dynticks system (tickless single task) (NO_HZ_EXTENDED) (NEW)
> and I think that is how it should always look like, for standard .config's, pretty
> much regardless of how other things are configured - as long as the architecture
> supports extended dynticks.
> So I'd suggest the following changes to fix the remaining usability problems:
> - .config compatibility fix: the default selection should pick up existing
> CONFIG_NO_HZ settings, for a kernel release cycle, so that people whole just go
> through 'make oldconfig' and rely on the defaults don't lose CONFIG_NO_HZ_IDLE.
> This can probably be done by adding a CONFIG_NO_HZ Kconfig entry, and
> documenting it as a migration helper. This can then be removed in v3.11. The
> multiple choices entry can then use CONFIG_NO_HZ to set its default offering to

Ok I just need to make that Kconfig symbol visible. I guess we can
indeed remove it in the future.

> - CONFIG_VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING_GEN should be selected as well. (Maybe even the RCU
> model.)

So, will deal with that in the Kconfig side :)

> - Nit: the 'depends on SMP' part looks a bit weird. Is that a quirk?

It's a dependency inherited from CONFIG_RCU_USER_QS. But it's also
necessary because we need a timekeeping CPU. I'll add a comment on

> - Plus a minor help text nit: I'd not call it 'tickless single task' - but
> 'tickless'. When there are multiple tasks on a CPU then it's natural that
> there's a scheduler tick arbitrating between them - this can be mentioned in
> the help text, but otherwise should not distract from the 'full dynticks'
> notion.
> It's not even always about a single task: when there's multiple SCHED_FIFO
> tasks running, then the scheduler tick is expected to be off, even if there are
> 2 or more SCHED_FIFO tasks on that runqueue, right?

Yeah agreed.

> - Could we rename NO_HZ_EXTENDED to NO_HZ_FULL? :-) I think it's important to
> stress that in this mode the kernel does whatever it can to keep the tick off:
> CONFIG_HZ_PERIODIC # (no dynticks, periodic ticks)
> CONFIG_NO_HZ_IDLE # (partial dynticks, tick is off in idle only)
> CONFIG_NO_HZ_FULL # (full dynticks, tick is off whenever possible)
> while 'extended' is too vague, it really does not tell us anything about how
> it's meant to be 'extended'.

Sounds good :) I too prefer the "_FULL" based naming.

> ( And I'd also suggest renaming CONFIG_PERIODIC_HZ -> CONFIG_HZ_PERIODIC, to be
> consistent with the NO_HZ_IDLE, NO_HZ_FULL Polish notation naming pattern. )


> I'm so nitpicky because the Kconfig logic of major kernel features has the
> potential to cause quite a bit of user and tester confusion, so we have to try to
> do our utmost best to structure it in the most logical and approachable fashion.

Agreed, I'm looking at these issues, thanks!
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