Re: [PATCH] kernel: auditfilter: looping issue, memory leak if has2 or more AUDIT_FILTERKEYs

From: Eric Paris
Date: Wed Apr 10 2013 - 17:19:42 EST

----- Original Message -----

> b. has an new issue for AUDIT_DIR:
> after AUDIT_DIR succeed, it will set rule->tree.
> next, the other case fail, then will call audit_free_rule.
> but audit_free_rule will not free rule->tree.

Definitely a couple of leaks here...

I'm seeing leaks on size 8, 64, and 128.

Al, what do you think? Should I be calling audit_put_tree() in the error case if entry->tree != NULL? The audit trees are some of the most complex code in the kernel I think.
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