drivers/base/core.c: about device_find_child() function

From: Federico Vaga
Date: Thu Apr 11 2013 - 07:52:51 EST


I'm using the function device_find_child() [drivers/base/core.c] to retrieve
a specific child of a device. I see that this function invokes
get_device(child) when a child matches. I think that this function must
return the reference to the child device without getting it.

The function's comment does not explicitly talk about an increment of the
refcount of the device. So, "man 9 device_find_child" and various derivative
webpages do not talk about this. The developer is not correctly informed
about this function, unless (s)he looks at the source code.

I see that users of this function, usually, immediately do put_device() after
the call to device_find_child(), so it is not expected that a
device_find_child() does a get_device() on the found child.

Immediately does put_device():

They effectively need a get_device():

Maybe bugged because they do not do put_device():
Probably I'm wrong on this and I do not find the associated put_device()

I should propose the following solution:

* Deprecate the device_find_child() function

* Create the following functions

struct device *device_search_child(struct device *parent, void *data,
int (*match)(struct device *dev, void *data))
struct klist_iter i;
struct device *child;

if (!parent)
return NULL;

klist_iter_init(&parent->p->klist_children, &i);
while ((child = next_device(&i)))
if (match(child, data))
return child;

struct device *get_device_child(struct device *parent, void *data,
int (*match)(struct device *dev, void *data))
struct device *child;

child = device_search_child(parent, data, match);
if (child)
return child;

In this way, when a driver needs to find and get a child, it uses
get_device_child() and , when it finishes its duty, it uses put_device(). In
this situation, the developer use a pair of function with a symmetric names:
get_device_child() and put_device().

If the driver do not need to get_device() on a child device, it simply does a
device_search_child() to retrieve a pointer.

Federico Vaga
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