Re: [PATCH v4 21/22] x86, mm: Make init_mem_mapping be able to becalled several times

From: Konrad Wilk
Date: Thu Apr 11 2013 - 21:06:59 EST

----- yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Prepare to put page table on local nodes.
> Move calling of init_mem_mapping to early_initmem_init.
> Rework alloc_low_pages to alloc page table in following order:
> BRK, local node, low range
> Still only load_cr3 one time, otherwise we would break xen 64bit
> again.

I have asked you in the previous iteration of the patch to fix that comment.

Please remove it - as it is misleading. The issue with load_cr3 more than
once has been fixed under the Xen platform.

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