Re: sleep/fan problem bisected to 73201dbec64aebf6b0dca855b523f437972dc7bb

From: auxsvr
Date: Sat Apr 13 2013 - 00:49:03 EST

Jake Edge wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> I have been having a problem on my laptop (HP Compaq 2510p) over the
> last two months with >= 3.7 kernels. After the first resume, it turns
> on the fan and leaves it running at top speed no matter what the system
> is doing.
> The output of "sensors" is interesting ... for "temp6" in
> "acpitz-virtual-0" it sits at +100C (near the +110C critical level)
> when things have gone bad (just in Fedora or my kernels >=3.7, not in
> the bisect, cuz those don't come back from the sleep) ... in the "good"
> case, it normally sits around 30, but goes as high as 50 (and sometimes
> reports 0 for a try or two -- frozen motherboard! :) ...
> thoughts on this? Other info you need or things I should be trying?

This is known, see for more details.

> thanks,
> jake


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