Re: [PATCH 21/21] cris: drop unused Kconfig symbols

From: Jesper Nilsson
Date: Mon Apr 15 2013 - 11:13:39 EST

On Sat, Mar 23, 2013 at 02:14:46PM +0100, Paul Bolle wrote:
> Jesper,
> On Mon, 2011-10-31 at 11:59 +0100, Jesper Nilsson wrote:
> > Ok, let's do it the right way and remove them now, and I can re-add
> > them in the same tree.
> The patch at the start of this (old) thread still applies on top of
> v3.9-rc3. Do you still intend to remove the cris Kconfig symbols unused
> in mainline?
> (Note that there's a second order effect to this patch:
> could also be dropped. I'm happy to submit a patch with those included
> too.)

Yes, please do, I just get mangled versions when I try to dig
the old patch out from the web.

> Paul Bolle

/^JN - Jesper Nilsson
Jesper Nilsson -- jesper.nilsson@xxxxxxxx
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