[GIT PULL] KVM updates for the 3.10 merge window

From: Gleb Natapov
Date: Sun May 05 2013 - 08:00:42 EST


Please pull from

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvm.git tags/kvm-3.10-1

to receive the KVM updates for the 3.10 merge window.

Highlights of the updates are:

- new emulated device API
- legacy device assignment is now optional
- irqfd interface is more generic and can be shared between arches
- VMCS shadow support and other nested VMX improvements
- APIC virtualization and Posted Interrupt hardware support
- Optimize mmio spte zapping
- BookE: in-kernel MPIC emulation with irqfd support
- Book3S: in-kernel XICS emulation (incomplete)
- Book3S: HV: migration fixes
- BookE: more debug support preparation
- BookE: e6500 support
- reworking of Hyp idmaps
- ioeventfd for virtio-ccw

And many other bug fixes, cleanups and improvements.

Abel Gordon (11):
KVM: nVMX: Shadow-vmcs control fields/bits
KVM: nVMX: Detect shadow-vmcs capability
KVM: nVMX: Introduce vmread and vmwrite bitmaps
KVM: nVMX: Refactor handle_vmwrite
KVM: nVMX: Fix VMXON emulation
KVM: nVMX: Allocate shadow vmcs
KVM: nVMX: Release shadow vmcs
KVM: nVMX: Copy processor-specific shadow-vmcs to VMCS12
KVM: nVMX: Copy VMCS12 to processor-specific shadow vmcs
KVM: nVMX: Synchronize VMCS12 content with the shadow vmcs
KVM: nVMX: Enable and disable shadow vmcs functionality

Alex Williamson (2):
kvm: Allow build-time configuration of KVM device assignment
kvm: KVM_CAP_IOMMU only available with device assignment

Alexander Graf (15):
Merge commit 'origin/next' into kvm-ppc-next
KVM: ARM: Fix kvm_vm_ioctl_irq_line
Merge commit 'origin/next' into kvm-ppc-next
KVM: Drop __KVM_HAVE_IOAPIC condition on irq routing
KVM: Remove kvm_get_intr_delivery_bitmask
KVM: Move irq routing to generic code
KVM: Extract generic irqchip logic into irqchip.c
KVM: Move irq routing setup to irqchip.c
KVM: Move irqfd resample cap handling to generic code
KVM: PPC: Support irq routing and irqfd for in-kernel MPIC
KVM: PPC: MPIC: Add support for KVM_IRQ_LINE
KVM: PPC: MPIC: Restrict to e500 platforms
KVM: IA64: Carry non-ia64 changes into ia64

Andre Przywara (1):
ARM: KVM: iterate over all CPUs for CPU compatibility check

Andrew Honig (1):
KVM: x86: Fix memory leak in vmx.c

Arnd Bergmann (1):
ARM: KVM: define KVM_ARM_MAX_VCPUS unconditionally

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (3):
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Add kernel emulation for the XICS interrupt controller
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Speed up wakeups of CPUs on HV KVM
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Add support for real mode ICP in XICS emulation

Bharat Bhushan (9):
KVM: PPC: move tsr update in a separate function
KVM: PPC: Added one_reg interface for timer registers
KVM: PPC: booke: Added debug handler
Added ONE_REG interface for debug instruction
KVM: PPC: cache flush for kernel managed pages
KVM: PPC: debug stub interface parameter defined
KVM: extend EMULATE_EXIT_USER to support different exit reasons
booke: exit to user space if emulator request

Borislav Petkov (1):
kvm, svm: Fix typo in printk message

Chegu Vinod (1):
KVM: x86: Increase the "hard" max VCPU limit

Chen Gang (1):
arch/x86/kvm: beautify source code for __u32 irq which is never < 0

Christian Borntraeger (1):
KVM: s390: Dont do a gmap update on minor memslot changes

Christoffer Dall (3):
KVM: ARM: Reintroduce trace_kvm_hvc
KVM: ARM: Fix API documentation for ONE_REG encoding
KVM: ARM: Fix spelling in error message

Cornelia Huck (6):
KVM: s390: Export virtio-ccw api.
KVM: Initialize irqfd from kvm_init().
KVM: ioeventfd for virtio-ccw devices.
KVM: s390: Wire up ioeventfd.
KVM: s390: virtio_ccw: reset errors for new I/O.

Geoff Levand (4):
KVM: Move vm_list kvm_lock declarations out of x86
KVM: Make local routines static
KVM: Move kvm_spurious_fault to x86.c
KVM: Move kvm_rebooting declaration out of x86

Gleb Natapov (10):
Merge 'git://github.com/agraf/linux-2.6.git kvm-ppc-next' into queue
KVM: emulator: fix unimplemented instruction detection
KVM: VMX: do not try to reexecute failed instruction while emulating invalid guest state
KVM: emulator: Do not fail on emulation of undefined opcode
KVM: emulator: mark 0xff 0x7d opcode as undefined.
KVM: VMX: Fix check guest state validity if a guest is in VM86 mode
Merge git://github.com/agraf/linux-2.6.git kvm-ppc-next into queue
KVM: X86 emulator: fix source operand decoding for 8bit mov[zs]x instructions
Merge branch 'kvm-arm-cleanup' from git://github.com/columbia/linux-kvm-arm.git
Merge git://github.com/agraf/linux-2.6.git kvm-ppc-next into queue

Heiko Carstens (15):
s390/kvm,gaccess: fix guest access return code handling
s390/mm,gmap: implement gmap_translate()
s390/kvm,tprot: use new gmap_translate() function
s390/kvm: remove explicit -EFAULT return code checking on guest access
s390/kvm,gaccess: shorten put/get_guest code
s390/kvm,gaccess: shorten copy_to/from_guest code
s390/kvm: cleanup/fix handle_tpi()
s390/kvm,gaccess: add address space annotations
KVM: s390: fix 24 bit psw handling in lpsw/lpswe handler
KVM: s390: fix psw conversion in lpsw handler
KVM: s390: fix return code handling in lpsw/lpswe handlers
KVM: s390: make if statements in lpsw/lpswe handlers readable
KVM: s390: fix and enforce return code handling for irq injections
KVM: s390: fix stsi exception handling
KVM: s390: fix compile with !CONFIG_COMPAT

Ioan Orghici (1):
kvm: remove cast for kmalloc return value

Jan Kiszka (33):
KVM: nVMX: Improve I/O exit handling
KVM: nVMX: Trap unconditionally if msr bitmap access fails
x86: kvmclock: Do not setup kvmclock vsyscall in the absence of that clock
KVM: VMX: Make prepare_vmcs12 and load_vmcs12_host_state static
KVM: nVMX: Advertise PAUSE and WBINVD exiting support
KVM: nVMX: Clear segment cache after switching between L1 and L2
KVM: nVMX: Use cached exit reason
KVM: nVMX: Avoid one redundant vmcs_read in prepare_vmcs12
KVM: VMX: Pass vcpu to __vmx_complete_interrupts
KVM: nVMX: Fix switching of debug state
KVM: nVMX: Reset RFLAGS on VM-exit
KVM: nVMX: Fix setting of CR0 and CR4 in guest mode
KVM: x86: Drop unused return code from VCPU reset callback
KVM: x86: Rework INIT and SIPI handling
KVM: nVMX: Clean up and fix pin-based execution controls
KVM: nVMX: Provide EFER.LMA saving support
KVM: nVMX: Add preemption timer support
KVM: VMX: Require KVM_SET_TSS_ADDR being called prior to running a VCPU
KVM: nVMX: Check exit control for VM_EXIT_SAVE_IA32_PAT, not entry controls
KVM: VMX: Add missing braces to avoid redundant error check
KVM: nVMX: Fix injection of PENDING_INTERRUPT and NMI_WINDOW exits to L1
KVM: nVMX: Rework event injection and recovery
KVM: nVMX: Fix conditions for interrupt injection
KVM: nVMX: Avoid reading VM_EXIT_INTR_ERROR_CODE needlessly on nested exits
KVM: VMX: Move vmx_nmi_allowed after vmx_set_nmi_mask
KVM: nVMX: Fix conditions for NMI injection
KVM: nVMX: Validate EFER values for VM_ENTRY/EXIT_LOAD_IA32_EFER
KVM: VMX: remove unprintable characters from comment
KVM: x86: Rework request for immediate exit
KVM: nVMX: Skip PF interception check when queuing during nested run
KVM: x86: Account for failing enable_irq_window for NMI window request

Jonghwan Choi (1):
KVM: ARM: Fix wrong address in comment

Kevin Wolf (1):
KVM: x86 emulator: Fix segment loading in VM86

Marc Zyngier (39):
ARM: KVM: convert GP registers from u32 to unsigned long
ARM: KVM: abstract fault register accesses
ARM: KVM: abstract HSR_ISV away
ARM: KVM: abstract HSR_WNR away
ARM: KVM: abstract HSR_SSE away
ARM: KVM: abstract HSR_SRT_{MASK,SHIFT} away
ARM: KVM: abstract (and fix) external abort detection away
ARM: KVM: abstract S1TW abort detection away
ARM: KVM: abstract SAS decoding away
ARM: KVM: abstract IL decoding away
ARM: KVM: abstract exception class decoding away
ARM: KVM: abstract fault decoding away
ARM: KVM: abstract HSR_EC_IABT away
ARM: KVM: move kvm_condition_valid to emulate.c
ARM: KVM: move exit handler selection to a separate file
ARM: KVM: abstract most MMU operations
ARM: KVM: remove superfluous include from kvm_vgic.h
ARM: KVM: move hyp init to kvm_host.h
ARM: KVM: use kvm_kernel_vfp_t as an abstract type for VFP containers
ARM: KVM: allow HYP mappings to be at an offset from kernel mappings
ARM: KVM: fix address validation for HYP mappings
ARM: KVM: move kvm_target_cpu to guest.c
ARM: KVM: fix fault_ipa computing
ARM: KVM: vgic: decouple alignment restriction from page size
ARM: KVM: move include of asm/idmap.h to kvm_mmu.h
ARM: KVM: change kvm_tlb_flush_vmid to kvm_tlb_flush_vmid_ipa
ARM: KVM: move kvm_handle_wfi to handle_exit.c
ARM: KVM: sanitize freeing of HYP page tables
ARM: KVM: Fix length of mmio access
ARM: KVM: add support for minimal host vs guest profiling
ARM: KVM: simplify HYP mapping population
ARM: KVM: fix HYP mapping limitations around zero
ARM: KVM: move to a KVM provided HYP idmap
ARM: KVM: enforce maximum size for identity mapped code
ARM: KVM: rework HYP page table freeing
ARM: KVM: switch to a dual-step HYP init code
ARM: KVM: perform HYP initilization for hotplugged CPUs
ARM: KVM: add architecture specific hook for capabilities
ARM: KVM: promote vfp_host pointer to generic host cpu context

Marcelo Tosatti (5):
Merge branch 'master' into queue
VMX: x86: handle host TSC calibration failure
KVM: MMU: make kvm_mmu_available_pages robust against n_used_mmu_pages > n_max_mmu_pages
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into queue
Merge branch 'kvm-arm-for-3.10' of git://github.com/columbia/linux-kvm-arm into queue

Mark Rutland (1):
ARM: KVM: arch_timer: use symbolic constants

Michael Ellerman (1):
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Add infrastructure to implement kernel-side RTAS calls

Michael S. Tsirkin (2):
virtio_ccw: pass a cookie value to kvm hypercall
kvm: fix MMIO/PIO collision misdetection

Mihai Caraman (8):
KVM: PPC: Book3E: Refactor ONE_REG ioctl implementation
KVM: PPC: e500: Expose MMU registers via ONE_REG
KVM: PPC: e500: Move vcpu's MMU configuration to dedicated functions
KVM: PPC: e500: Add support for TLBnPS registers
KVM: PPC: e500: Add support for EPTCFG register
KVM: PPC: e500: Remove E.PT and E.HV.LRAT categories from VCPUs
KVM: PPC: e500mc: Enable e6500 cores
KVM: PPC: e500: Add e6500 core to Kconfig description

Nick Wang (3):
KVM: s390: Change the virtual memory mapping location for virtio devices
KVM: s390: Remove the sanity checks for kvm memory slot
KVM: s390: Enable KVM_CAP_NR_MEMSLOTS on s390

Paolo Bonzini (3):
KVM: x86: correctly initialize the CS base on reset
pmu: prepare for migration support
KVM: nVMX: check vmcs12 for valid activity state

Paul Mackerras (7):
KVM: PPC: Remove unused argument to kvmppc_core_dequeue_external
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Make HPT reading code notice R/C bit changes
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Report VPA and DTL modifications in dirty map
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Improve real-mode handling of external interrupts
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Add support for ibm,int-on/off RTAS calls
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Facilities to save/restore XICS presentation ctrler state
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Add API for in-kernel XICS emulation

Raghavendra K T (2):
kvm: Record the preemption status of vcpus using preempt notifiers
kvm: Iterate over only vcpus that are preempted

Scott Wood (17):
kvm/ppc/e500: h2g_tlb1_rmap: esel 0 is valid
kvm/ppc/e500: g2h_tlb1_map: clear old bit before setting new bit
kvm/ppc/e500: eliminate tlb_refs
kvm/ppc: don't call complete_mmio_load when it's a store
kvm: add device control API
kvm/ppc/mpic: import hw/openpic.c from QEMU
kvm/ppc/mpic: remove some obviously unneeded code
kvm/ppc/mpic: adapt to kernel style and environment
kvm/ppc/mpic: in-kernel MPIC emulation
kvm/ppc/mpic: add KVM_CAP_IRQ_MPIC
kvm: destroy emulated devices on VM exit
kvm/ppc/mpic: Eliminate mmio_mapped
kvm/ppc/mpic: remove default routes from documentation
kvm/ppc/mpic: fix mmio region lists when multiple guests used
kvm/ppc/mpic: remove users
kvm/ppc: Hold srcu lock when calling kvm_io_bus_read/write
kvm: Add compat_ioctl for device control API

Stuart Yoder (1):
KVM: PPC: emulate dcbst

Takuya Yoshikawa (14):
KVM: set_memory_region: Drop user_alloc from prepare/commit_memory_region()
KVM: set_memory_region: Drop user_alloc from set_memory_region()
KVM: set_memory_region: Make kvm_mr_change available to arch code
KVM: set_memory_region: Refactor prepare_memory_region()
KVM: set_memory_region: Refactor commit_memory_region()
KVM: ARM: Remove kvm_arch_set_memory_region()
KVM: MMU: Fix and clean up for_each_gfn_* macros
KVM: MMU: Use list_for_each_entry_safe in kvm_mmu_commit_zap_page()
KVM: MMU: Introduce a helper function for FIFO zapping
KVM: MMU: Mark sp mmio cached when creating mmio spte
KVM: x86: Optimize mmio spte zapping when creating/moving memslot
KVM: MMU: Move kvm_mmu_free_some_pages() into kvm_mmu_alloc_page()
KVM: MMU: Rename kvm_mmu_free_some_pages() to make_mmu_pages_available()
Revert "KVM: MMU: Move kvm_mmu_free_some_pages() into kvm_mmu_alloc_page()"

Wei Yongjun (2):
KVM: x86: fix error return code in kvm_arch_vcpu_init()
kvm/ppc/mpic: fix missing unlock in set_base_addr()

Yang Zhang (17):
KVM: Call kvm_apic_match_dest() to check destination vcpu
KVM: x86: fix memory leak in vmx_init
KVM: Add vcpu info to ioapic_update_eoi()
KVM: Introduce struct rtc_status
KVM: Return destination vcpu on interrupt injection
KVM: Add reset/restore rtc_status support
KVM: Force vmexit with virtual interrupt delivery
KVM: Let ioapic know the irq line status
KVM: Use eoi to track RTC interrupt delivery status
KVM: VMX: Enable acknowledge interupt on vmexit
KVM: VMX: Register a new IPI for posted interrupt
KVM: VMX: Check the posted interrupt capability
KVM: Call common update function when ioapic entry changed.
KVM: Set TMR when programming ioapic entry
KVM: VMX: Add the deliver posted interrupt algorithm
KVM: VMX: Use posted interrupt to deliver virtual interrupt
KVM: ia64: Fix kvm_vm_ioctl_irq_line

Zhang, Yang Z (1):
KVM: x86: Fix posted interrupt with CONFIG_SMP=n

Documentation/virtual/kvm/api.txt | 146 ++-
Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/README | 1 +
Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/mpic.txt | 53 +
Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/xics.txt | 66 +
arch/arm/include/asm/idmap.h | 1 -
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_arm.h | 4 +
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_asm.h | 2 +-
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_emulate.h | 107 +-
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_host.h | 57 +-
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_mmu.h | 87 +-
arch/arm/include/asm/kvm_vgic.h | 1 -
arch/arm/include/uapi/asm/kvm.h | 12 +-
arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.c | 10 +-
arch/arm/kernel/vmlinux.lds.S | 7 +-
arch/arm/kvm/Kconfig | 6 +-
arch/arm/kvm/Makefile | 4 +-
arch/arm/kvm/arch_timer.c | 7 +-
arch/arm/kvm/arm.c | 315 ++---
arch/arm/kvm/coproc.c | 28 +-
arch/arm/kvm/coproc.h | 4 +-
arch/arm/kvm/emulate.c | 75 +-
arch/arm/kvm/guest.c | 17 +
arch/arm/kvm/handle_exit.c | 164 +++
arch/arm/kvm/init.S | 78 +-
arch/arm/kvm/interrupts.S | 13 +-
arch/arm/kvm/mmio.c | 46 +-
arch/arm/kvm/mmu.c | 543 ++++----
arch/arm/kvm/perf.c | 68 +
arch/arm/kvm/vgic.c | 2 +-
arch/arm/mm/idmap.c | 32 +-
arch/ia64/include/asm/kvm_host.h | 1 +
arch/ia64/include/uapi/asm/kvm.h | 1 -
arch/ia64/kvm/Kconfig | 14 +-
arch/ia64/kvm/Makefile | 6 +-
arch/ia64/kvm/kvm-ia64.c | 35 +-
arch/ia64/kvm/lapic.h | 6 -
arch/powerpc/include/asm/hvcall.h | 3 +
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_book3s.h | 7 +-
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_book3s_64.h | 13 +
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_book3s_asm.h | 8 +-
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_booke.h | 2 +
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_host.h | 41 +-
arch/powerpc/include/asm/kvm_ppc.h | 114 +-
arch/powerpc/include/asm/reg.h | 1 +
arch/powerpc/include/uapi/asm/kvm.h | 94 ++
arch/powerpc/kernel/asm-offsets.c | 4 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/44x.c | 12 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/Kconfig | 26 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/Makefile | 12 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s.c | 36 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_64_mmu_hv.c | 120 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_emulate.c | 4 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv.c | 92 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv_rm_mmu.c | 11 -
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv_rm_xics.c | 406 ++++++
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv_rmhandlers.S | 228 +++-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_pr.c | 7 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_pr_papr.c | 21 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_rtas.c | 274 ++++
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_xics.c | 1270 +++++++++++++++++++
arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_xics.h | 130 ++
arch/powerpc/kvm/booke.c | 158 ++-
arch/powerpc/kvm/booke_interrupts.S | 42 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500.c | 14 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500.h | 46 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500_emulate.c | 19 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500_mmu.c | 192 ++-
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500_mmu_host.c | 84 +-
arch/powerpc/kvm/e500mc.c | 16 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/emulate.c | 2 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/irq.h | 20 +
arch/powerpc/kvm/mpic.c | 1853 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
arch/powerpc/kvm/powerpc.c | 133 +-
arch/powerpc/sysdev/xics/icp-native.c | 8 +
arch/s390/include/asm/pgtable.h | 2 +
arch/s390/include/uapi/asm/Kbuild | 1 +
arch/s390/include/uapi/asm/virtio-ccw.h | 21 +
arch/s390/kvm/Kconfig | 1 +
arch/s390/kvm/Makefile | 2 +-
arch/s390/kvm/diag.c | 26 +
arch/s390/kvm/gaccess.h | 429 ++-----
arch/s390/kvm/intercept.c | 18 +-
arch/s390/kvm/interrupt.c | 245 ++--
arch/s390/kvm/kvm-s390.c | 43 +-
arch/s390/kvm/kvm-s390.h | 12 +-
arch/s390/kvm/priv.c | 270 ++--
arch/s390/mm/pgtable.c | 107 +-
arch/x86/include/asm/entry_arch.h | 4 +
arch/x86/include/asm/hardirq.h | 3 +
arch/x86/include/asm/hw_irq.h | 1 +
arch/x86/include/asm/irq_vectors.h | 5 +
arch/x86/include/asm/kvm_host.h | 26 +-
arch/x86/include/asm/vmx.h | 18 +
arch/x86/include/uapi/asm/kvm.h | 1 -
arch/x86/include/uapi/asm/msr-index.h | 2 +
arch/x86/include/uapi/asm/vmx.h | 5 +-
arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S | 5 +
arch/x86/kernel/irq.c | 22 +
arch/x86/kernel/irqinit.c | 4 +
arch/x86/kernel/kvmclock.c | 9 +-
arch/x86/kvm/Kconfig | 14 +-
arch/x86/kvm/Makefile | 5 +-
arch/x86/kvm/emulate.c | 31 +-
arch/x86/kvm/i8254.c | 4 +-
arch/x86/kvm/lapic.c | 189 +--
arch/x86/kvm/lapic.h | 22 +-
arch/x86/kvm/mmu.c | 108 +-
arch/x86/kvm/mmu.h | 11 +-
arch/x86/kvm/paging_tmpl.h | 2 +-
arch/x86/kvm/pmu.c | 14 +-
arch/x86/kvm/svm.c | 40 +-
arch/x86/kvm/vmx.c | 1077 ++++++++++++----
arch/x86/kvm/x86.c | 243 ++--
drivers/s390/kvm/kvm_virtio.c | 11 +-
drivers/s390/kvm/virtio_ccw.c | 21 +-
include/linux/kvm_host.h | 166 ++-
include/trace/events/kvm.h | 12 +-
include/uapi/linux/kvm.h | 45 +-
virt/kvm/Kconfig | 3 +
virt/kvm/assigned-dev.c | 43 +-
virt/kvm/eventfd.c | 53 +-
virt/kvm/ioapic.c | 163 ++-
virt/kvm/ioapic.h | 27 +-
virt/kvm/irq_comm.c | 215 +---
virt/kvm/irqchip.c | 237 ++++
virt/kvm/kvm_main.c | 258 +++-
126 files changed, 9158 insertions(+), 2680 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/README
create mode 100644 Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/mpic.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/virtual/kvm/devices/xics.txt
create mode 100644 arch/arm/kvm/handle_exit.c
create mode 100644 arch/arm/kvm/perf.c
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv_rm_xics.c
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_rtas.c
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_xics.c
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_xics.h
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/irq.h
create mode 100644 arch/powerpc/kvm/mpic.c
create mode 100644 arch/s390/include/uapi/asm/virtio-ccw.h
create mode 100644 virt/kvm/irqchip.c
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