Re: Linux 3.10-rc4

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Sun Jun 02 2013 - 14:41:06 EST

On 06/02/13 01:45, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Another week, another -rc. But this time (at least for now) only as a git
> tree - for people actually using the tar-balls and patches, I apologize,
> but I'm a complete moron, and didn't install kup, its perl dependencies,
> and my kup release scripts on the pixel before the trip.
> And while I can read and write email, and git is fine with just a few
> (flaky) kB/s internet throughput I have access to right now, installing
> the perl packages etc seems to be a pipe dream.
> I suspect nobody actually uses the tar-balls and patches, since git is so
> much more convenient and efficient, so hopefully nobody cares. But I'll
> rectify the lack eventually. Hopefully within a day or two, as my "yum
> update" actually completes. And if not in a day or two, then when I get
> back home a few days later.

I still use tarballs and patches, fwiw.

I do expect that some day you will just completely drop doing those
and I will handle that (with some changes).

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