Re: [RFC] clocksource: Add clocksource drivers menu.

From: Srinivas KANDAGATLA
Date: Mon Jun 03 2013 - 03:24:26 EST

On 31/05/13 19:40, John Stultz wrote:
> And only just now did I notice that there are user-prompts in the
> drivers/clocksource/Kconfig.
> I suspect the platform support options can safely select the proper
> clocksource config options without requiring the user to configure it.
> For the most part this is the case, even so folks still introduced some
> unnecessary clocksource config options (unnecessary as they don't prompt
> the user, default to y and depend on another config).
> It looks like only: CLKSRC_DBX500_PRCMU &
> CLKSRC_DBX500_PRCMU_SCHED_CLOCK prompt the user right now.
> Can you explain why its necessary the user has to be prompted here?

The only reason is to do with "how we present *SCHED_CLOCK options"?

If we make the *SCHED_CLOCK options default without prompts, then we do
not need a menu. These options can be selected at platform level
Kconfigs. We could possible cleanup the existing prompts.


Make *SCHED_CLOCK option as a prompt then we do need a menu as these
prompts appear randomly in the menuconfig.

Am happy with either approach.


> I know the situation isn't your fault, and you're just trying to clean
> things up here. However I'd much prefer removing the user-prompt and
> trying to remove unnecessary configs over creating a new config menu.
> And if there must be a user-selected config, I'd much rather it be a
> platform config option rather then some generic-seeming driver config.
> thanks
> -john

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