Re: [PATCH] include/linux/skbuff.h: using '0xffff' instead of '~0U'

From: Chen Gang
Date: Mon Jun 03 2013 - 04:53:11 EST

On 05/30/2013 11:30 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Thu, 2013-05-30 at 14:03 +0800, Chen Gang wrote:
>> > Both 'transport_header' and 'mac_header' are u16, which are never equal
>> > to '~0U'.
>> >
>> > So need use '0xffff' instead of '~0U'.
> ..and give this magic number a name?

It sounds a good idea. I will check which name is suitable for it, then
send patch v2, and please help to check it, too.

Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation
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