Re: [PATCH v5 5/7] sched: compute runnable load avg in cpu_load andcpu_avg_load_per_task

From: Alex Shi
Date: Mon Jun 03 2013 - 21:46:38 EST

On 05/07/2013 02:17 PM, Alex Shi wrote:
> On 05/06/2013 07:10 PM, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
>>>> The runnable_avgs themselves actually have a fair bit of history in
>>>> them already (50% is last 32ms); but given that they don't need to be
>>>> cut-off to respond to load being migrated I'm guessing we could
>>>> actually potentially get by with just "instaneous" and "use averages"
>>>> where appropriate?
>> Sure,. worth a try. If things fall over we can always look at it again.
>>>> We always end up having to re-pick/tune them based on a variety of
>>>> workloads; if we can eliminate them I think it would be a win.
>> Agreed, esp. the plethora of weird idx things we currently have. If we need to
>> re-introduce something it would likely only be the busy case and for that we
>> can immediately link to the balance interval or so.
> I like to have try bases on this patchset. :)
> First, we can remove the idx, to check if the removing is fine for our
> benchmarks, kbuild, dbench, tbench, hackbench, aim7, specjbb etc.
> If there are some regression. we can think more.


I just tried to remove the variety rq.cpu_load, by the following patch.
Because forkexec_idx and busy_idx are all zero, after the patch system just keep cpu_load[0]
and remove other values.
I tried the patch base 3.10-rc3 and latest tip/sched/core with benchmark dbench,tbench,
aim7,hackbench. and oltp of sysbench. Seems performance doesn't change clear.
So, for my tested machines, core2, NHM, SNB, with 2 or 4 CPU sockets, and above tested
benchmark. We are fine to remove the variety cpu_load.
Don't know if there some other concerns on other scenarios.

diff --git a/kernel/sched/fair.c b/kernel/sched/fair.c
index 590d535..f0ca983 100644
--- a/kernel/sched/fair.c
+++ b/kernel/sched/fair.c
@@ -4626,7 +4626,7 @@ static inline void update_sd_lb_stats(struct lb_env *env,
if (child && child->flags & SD_PREFER_SIBLING)
prefer_sibling = 1;

- load_idx = get_sd_load_idx(env->sd, env->idle);
+ load_idx = 0; //get_sd_load_idx(env->sd, env->idle);

do {
int local_group;

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