Re: [DISCUSSION] removing variety rq->cpu_load ?

From: Alex Shi
Date: Tue Jun 04 2013 - 00:56:39 EST

>>> >> Forgive me but I'm a little lost on this thread...
>>> >>
>>> >> So we are planing to rely on instant 'cpu_load[0]' and decayed
>>> >> 'runnable_load_avg' only, do we?
>> >
>> > cpu_load is a kind of time decay for cpu load, but after runnable load introduced,
>> > the decay functionality is a kind duplicate with it.
>> > So, remove them will make code simple. The idea were mentioned by Paul, Peter and I.
> Nice, what about make a patch 9 and clean up all those stuff?
> I suppose we will get more benefit :)

I'd like to.

But since Peter doesn't response this thread for long time, I even don't
know what's he opinions of patch 1~8. :(

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