Re: [PATCH] sg: atomize check and set sdp->exclude in sg_open

From: vaughan
Date: Thu Jun 06 2013 - 03:27:13 EST

ä 2013å06æ06æ 15:19, vaughan åé:
ä 2013å06æ05æ 23:41, JÃrn Engel åé:
On Thu, 6 June 2013 00:16:45 +0800, vaughan wrote:
ä 2013å06æ05æ 21:27, JÃrn Engel åé:
On Wed, 5 June 2013 17:18:33 +0800, vaughan wrote:

Check and set sdp->exclude should be atomic when set in sg_open().

The patch is line-wrapped. More importantly, it doesn't seem to do
It's shorter than the original line, so I just leave it like this...

Sure. What I meant by line-wrapped is that your mailer mangled the
patch. Those two lines should have been one:
- ((!sfds_list_empty(sdp) || get_exclude(sdp))
? 0 : set_exclude(sdp, 1)));

what your description indicates it should do. And lastly, does this
fix a bug, possibly even one you have a testcase for, or was it found
by code inspection?
I found it by code inspection. A race condition may happen with the
old code if two threads are both trying to open the same sg with
O_EXCL simultaneously. It's possible that they both find fsds list
is empty and get_exclude(sdp) returns 0, then they both call
set_exclude() and break out from wait_event_interruptible and resume
open. So it's necessary to check again with sg_open_exclusive_lock
held to ensure only one can set sdp->exclude and return >0 to break
out from wait_event loop.

Makes sense. And reading the code again, I have to wonder what monkey
came up with the get_exclude/set_exclude functions.

Can I sucker you into a slightly larger cleanup? I think the entire
"get_exclude(sdp)) ? 0 : set_exclude(sdp, 1)" should be simplified.
And once you add the try_set_exclude(), set_exclude will only ever do
clear_exclude, so you might as well rename and simplify that as well.
I find my patch is not enough to avoid this race condition said above.
Since sg_add_sfp() just do an add_to_list without check and wait_event
check don't set a sign to announce a future add_to_list is on going, the
time window between wait_event and sg_add_sfp gives others to open sg
before the prechecked sg_add_sfp() called.

The same case also happens when one shared and one exclude open occur
simultaneously. If the shared open pass the precheck stage and ready to
sg_add_sfp(). At this time another exclude open will also pass the check:
((!sfds_list_empty(sdp) || get_exclude(sdp)) ? 0 :
Then, both open can succeed.

I think the point is we separate the check&add routine and haven't set
an sign to let others wait until the whole actions complete. I suppose
we may change the steps a bit to avoid trouble like this. If we can
malloc&initialize sfp at first, and then check&add sfp under the
protection of sg_index_lock, everything seems to be quite simple.
We also should prevent sg_device change those parameters which are needed to copy to sfp during sfp initialization.



Let no good deed go unpunished.


It's just what we asked for, but not what we want!
-- anonymous

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