Re: [PATCH v3 07/13] x86, numa, mem-hotplug: Mark nodes which thekernel resides in.

From: Tang Chen
Date: Thu Jun 06 2013 - 05:39:42 EST

Hi Vasilis,

On 06/03/2013 09:18 PM, Vasilis Liaskovitis wrote:

In such an early time, I think we can only get nid from
numa_meminfo. So as I
said above, I'd like to fix this problem by making memblock has correct nid.

And I read the patch below. I think if we get nid from numa_meminfo,
than we
don't need to call memblock_get_region_node().

ok. If we update the memblock nid fields from numa_meminfo,
memblock_get_region_node will always return the correct node id.

I have fixed this problem in this way. And I'll send the new patches next week.

Thanks. :)

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