10++ years of research on religion, intelligent and accurate.

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Fri Jun 07 2013 - 04:21:22 EST

I suggested changing the licence to my own "Beneficient Opensource Licence".

I am now done with a long research project I have had going for over 10++ years, researching and analysing monotheism.

I think things become very clear there.

In the linux-environment many ofcourse accuse R.S. of being "religious". However that is not monotheism. That is idolatry. And clearly deviant. Idolatry really is ancestor-worship, "salafism", Breivik, "the aryan race" etc.

And really makes quite a solid argument, for change.

Please do read, I am sure many here can follow. And through the research, I also realized that many unix-hackers believed in God.

Some of the quality and philosohpy of unix, is from believers :)


Peace Be With You.

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