Re: [Arm-netbook] getting allwinner SoC support upstream (was Re:Uploading linux (3.9.4-1))

From: Olof Johansson
Date: Fri Jun 07 2013 - 14:54:18 EST


I want only one thing from you at this time. See below.

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:45 AM, luke.leighton <luke.leighton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> .... but the Directors of Allwinner aren't been kept in the loop,
> here: that's my job, to get them up-to-speed.

The one job I would love for you to do instead of all this trolling
and time-wasting that's being done by _everybody_ involved, is to just
extract yourself from the situation and let us go on with our work.
You're causing nothing but confusion and extra work. Literally. You
represent nobody that matters in this discussion.

By demanding us to spend time and effort bringing you personally up to
speed on a subject that both we (ARM kernel community) and them
(Allwinner) are already having discussions about, it's nothing but a
distraction and waste of energy.

And yes, Allwinner knows about this public email thread.


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