Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] mfd: tps65910: Fix crash in i2c_driver .probe

From: Stephen Warren
Date: Tue Jun 18 2013 - 11:39:43 EST

On 06/18/2013 04:14 AM, Tuomas Tynkkynen wrote:
> Commit "i2c: core: make it possible to match a pure device tree driver"
> changed semantics of the i2c probing for device tree devices.
> Device tree probed devices now get a NULL i2c_device_id pointer.
> This caused kernel panics due to NULL dereference.
> Moves the of_match_device call from tps65910_parse_dt to .probe to
> allow the chip type to be detected from device tree but with the
> device parameters coming from platform data.

Reviewed-by: Stephen Warren <swaren@xxxxxxxxxx>

It's a pity that every driver that supports DT is going to need this
boiler-plate though. Perhaps the I2C core can acquire a follow-on patch
that does this for drivers in the future.
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