xsysace driver support on arches other than PPC/Microblaze

From: Alexey Brodkin
Date: Wed Jun 19 2013 - 04:57:20 EST

Hi all,

I've been trying to get "xsysace" driver working properly on ARC
And I was able to get it built and running, but it required me to do 2
changes - please refer to description below. Now I'd like to get this
driver working for me righ from upstream sources and this is where my
questions appear.

While in general I believe any device driver should be easily build and
then used on virtually any architecture I faced 2 issues with "xsysace":

1. It uses PPC/Microblaze specific accessors "{in|out}_{le|be}16".
I sent a patch to this mailing list which replaces these custom
accessors with common "ioread16{|be}" but a long discussion silently
ended up with nothing (at least for proposed patch).
Patch and discussion is available here:

2. Inverted logic in "ace_data{in|out}_{be|le}16".
For example in "ace_dataout_le16" "out_be16" accessor is used which
simply doesn't work for ARC. We need to have "le" accessor in "le"
function and vice versa. Implementation of "be" ARC accessor with
inverted logic doesn't help. Because "ace_{in|out}_{be|le}16" uses plain

So I'm wondering what is a best way for me to proceed?

For (1) we may implement custom "{in|out}_{le|be}16" accessors, but is
it a good way to go?
For (2) I may expect that plain change of used accessor from "le" to
"be" will break "xsysace" on PPC/Micropblaze.

I would like to get some suggestions/proposals from all interested parties.

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