Re: [PATCH] dma-mapping: Add BUG_ON for uninitialized dma_ops

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Jun 19 2013 - 11:20:59 EST

On Friday 14 June 2013, James Bottomley wrote:
> This is the MMAP_PAGE_ZERO exploit. The original exploit relied on a
> leaky personality capability clearing mask and was fixed in 2.6.31 by
> commit f9fabcb58a6d26d6efde842d1703ac7cfa9427b6
> Author: Julien Tinnes <jt@xxxxxxx>
> Date: Fri Jun 26 20:27:40 2009 +0200
> personality: fix PER_CLEAR_ON_SETID
> So it's not really relevant to 3.x kernels, is it?

Probably not. There is always a risk that something like this
can turn into an exploit, but it needs a combination with a couple
of other bugs.

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