Supply sample.

From: Donald Ness
Date: Wed Jun 19 2013 - 13:36:16 EST

Hello Sir/Madam good to write you email today ,i went into you business directory and found out that you have the product we need and will i like to let you know we wish to go into a long term business with you .We are interested in your products Please confirm to us that you can supply the quality of product on this Attachment, I have just found the samples of the product on your business directory page, see the samples in the attachment , the page is secured you only need to login with your current email.Check the attachment samples of the product shown on the business directory. Confirm it and return to us by email after you have seen the samples and let us know the maximum quantity you can
supply for next Month July, so that we can proceed with Order and contract for July as soon as possible.Also kindly let us know your mode of payment . I look forward to hear from you soon
thanks and have a nice day.
Await your mail

Your prompt response is needed;

Attachment: Sample.htm