Re: [pull request] Pull request for branch yem-kconfig-for-next

From: Michal Marek
Date: Wed Jun 19 2013 - 16:40:38 EST

Dne 19.6.2013 00:44, Yann E. MORIN napsal(a):
> From: "Yann E. MORIN" <yann.morin.1998@xxxxxxx>
> Hello Michal, All!
> These are the patches against kconfig that I have accumulated for 3.11,
> and for which I plan to later send a proper pull-request.
> Note-whorthy this time:
> - fix values of tristates that are selected by boolean choices (Arve)
> - fix choice randomisation in presence of KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG (me)
> - fix choice randomisation selecting more than one value in
> a choice (but only if it is conditional) (me)
> - fix choice-in-a-choice randomisation not selecting any value
> for the inner-most choice (me)
> Also, some code-cleanups and eye-candy:
> - mconf and nconf code cleanups (Dirk, Sedat)
> - mconf and nconf eye-candy (Dirk)
> - scripts/config script-name in help text (ClÃment)
> - heuristic to sort found symbols by relevance (me)
> - more randconfig debugging help (me)
> Note: this series is for review before I send an official pull-request.
> I want to avoid the debacle [0] [1] of the last kconfig breakage I caused
> with my previous kconfig "fix" to randomising choices in presence of
> I would like to send an official pull-request early next week, so all of
> these can land early in -next, so they get some real-life t4esting before
> the next merge windows open. So please, please, test this carefully. ;-)

I tested this a bit, it works fine. Unless somebody else finds issues,
I'll merge it.


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