[Resend patch v8 0/13] use runnable load in schedule balance

From: Alex Shi
Date: Wed Jun 19 2013 - 22:20:20 EST

Resend patchset for more convenient pick up.
This patch set combine 'use runnable load in balance' serials and 'change
64bit variables to long type' serials. also collected Reviewed-bys, and

The only changed code is fixing load to load_avg convert in UP mode, which
found by PeterZ in task_h_load().

Paul still has some concern of blocked_load_avg out of balance consideration.
but I didn't see the blocked_load_avg usage was thought through now, or some
strong reason to make it into balance.
So, according to benchmarks testing result I keep patches unchanged.


[Resend patch v8 01/13] Revert "sched: Introduce temporary
[Resend patch v8 02/13] sched: move few runnable tg variables into
[Resend patch v8 03/13] sched: set initial value of runnable avg for
[Resend patch v8 04/13] sched: fix slept time double counting in
[Resend patch v8 05/13] sched: update cpu load after task_tick.
[Resend patch v8 06/13] sched: compute runnable load avg in cpu_load
[Resend patch v8 07/13] sched: consider runnable load average in
[Resend patch v8 08/13] sched/tg: remove blocked_load_avg in balance
[Resend patch v8 09/13] sched: change cfs_rq load avg to unsigned
[Resend patch v8 10/13] sched/tg: use 'unsigned long' for load
[Resend patch v8 11/13] sched/cfs_rq: change atomic64_t removed_load
[Resend patch v8 12/13] sched/tg: remove tg.load_weight
[Resend patch v8 13/13] sched: get_rq_runnable_load() can be static
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