Re: [ 00/48] 3.9.7-stable review

From: Satoru Takeuchi
Date: Thu Jun 20 2013 - 06:02:54 EST

At Tue, 18 Jun 2013 09:17:26 -0700,
Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> From: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 3.9.7 release.
> There are 48 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response
> to this one. If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please
> let me know.
> Responses should be made by Thu Jun 20 16:15:42 UTC 2013.
> Anything received after that time might be too late.

This kernel can be built and boot without any problem.
Building a kernel with this kernel also works fine.

- Build Machine: debian jessy x86_64
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz x 4
memory: 8GB

- Test machine: debian jessy x86_64(KVM guest on the Build Machine)
vCPU: x2
memory: 2GB

I reviewed the following patches.

The following patch seems to have a problem and I'm asking Naoya now.

> Naoya Horiguchi <n-horiguchi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> mm: migration: add migrate_entry_wait_huge()

The following patches looks good to me.

> Kees Cook <keescook@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> x86: Fix typo in kexec register clearing
> Rafael Aquini <aquini@xxxxxxxxxx>
> swap: avoid read_swap_cache_async() race to deadlock while waiting on discard I/O completion
> Oleg Nesterov <oleg@xxxxxxxxxx>
> audit: wait_for_auditd() should use TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE

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