[v5][PATCH 0/6] powerpc/book3e: powerpc/book3e: make kgdb to work well

From: Tiejun Chen
Date: Thu Jun 20 2013 - 06:30:31 EST


As you mention just now, I resend this another pending patch sets v5 used
to support kgdb/gdb on book3e.


* rebase on merge branch.

Note the original patch, [ATCH 5/7] kgdb/kgdbts: support ppc64, is already merged
by Jason.


* use DEFINE_PER_CPU to allocate kgdb's thread_info
* add patch 7 to make usre copy thread_info only !__check_irq_replay
* leave "andi. r14,r11,MSR_PR" out of "#ifndef CONFIG_KGDB"
since cr0 is still used lately.
* retest


* make work when enable CONFIG_RELOCATABLE
* fix one typo in patch,
"powerpc/book3e: store critical/machine/debug exception thread info":
ld r1,PACAKSAVE(r13);
-> ld r14,PACAKSAVE(r13);
* remove copying the thread_info since booke and book3e always copy
the thead_info now when we enter the debug exception, and so drop
the v2 patch, "book3e/kgdb: Fix a single stgep case of lazy IRQ"


* Make sure we cover CONFIG_PPC_BOOK3E_64 safely
* Use LOAD_REG_IMMEDIATE() to load properly
the value of the constant expression in load debug exception stack
* Copy thread infor form the kernel stack coming from usr
* Rebase latest powerpc git tree

* Copy thread info only when we are from !user mode since we'll get kernel stack
coming from usr directly.
* remove save/restore EX_R14/EX_R15 since DBG_EXCEPTION_PROLOG already covered
* use CURRENT_THREAD_INFO() conveniently to get thread.
* fix some typos
* add a patch to make sure gdb can generate a single step properly to invoke a
kgdb state.
* add a patch to if we need to replay an interrupt, we shouldn't restore that
previous backup thread info to make sure we can replay an interrupt lately
with a proper thread info.
* rebase latest powerpc git tree

This patchset is used to support kgdb for book3e.

Tiejun Chen (6):
powerpc/book3e: load critical/machine/debug exception stack
powerpc/book3e: store critical/machine/debug exception thread info
book3e/kgdb: update thread's dbcr0
powerpc/book3e: support kgdb for kernel space
powerpc/kgdb: use DEFINE_PER_CPU to allocate kgdb's thread_info
book3e/kgdb: Fix a single stgep case of lazy IRQ

arch/powerpc/kernel/exceptions-64e.S | 68 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
arch/powerpc/kernel/irq.c | 10 +++++
arch/powerpc/kernel/kgdb.c | 21 +++++++----
3 files changed, 88 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

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