Re: [PATCH V10 0/4] PCIe support for Samsung Exynos5440 SoC

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Fri Jun 21 2013 - 03:32:50 EST

On Friday 21 June 2013, Jingoo Han wrote:
> Changes between v9 and v10:
> * Changed the file name from 'pci-designware.c' to 'pcie-designware.c'
> guided by Pratyush Anand, because synopsis pcie and pci controllers
> are different.
> * Fixed the typos of document, reported by Sachin Kamat.
> Changes between v8 and v9:
> * Changed the file name from 'exynos-pcie.txt' to 'designware-pcie.txt'.
> * Added 'snps,dw-pcie' string to compatible property.
> Changes between v7 and v8:
> * Changed the file name from 'pci-exynos.c' to 'pci-designware.c',
> and added a generic string for compatible property to exynos-pcie.txt
> * Moved pci_add_resource_offset() for I/O space to the 'if' clause
> * Added Arnd's Acked-by
> Changes between v6 and v7:
> * Split ARM DT patch to two patches
> * Fixed node naming
> * Added Arnd's Acked-by

Ok, that takes care of all my comments.

Bjorn, are you still considering to merge this for 3.11 or have you
closed your tree for the merge window? I think it would be good to get
it in.

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