Re: Status of __cpuinit removal

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Sun Jun 23 2013 - 06:16:13 EST

* Paul Gortmaker <paul.gortmaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As some of you are probably aware, a decision to remove __cpuinit and
> variants was made, since the cost/complexity outweighs the amount of
> memory reclaim that it provides. Details of that decision are at:
> It seems that the suggestion to do this was partly motivated by the
> fix in commit 5e427ec2 ("x86: Fix bit corruption at CPU resume time").
> It is a good example of the nasty type of bugs that can be created
> with improper use of the various types of __init prefixes.
> I have created a patch queue against the latest linux-next tree (Jun20)
> that removes all the variants of __cpuinit and the asm __CPUINIT variants,
> and the surrounding infrastructure for section handling of it. There
> are no Kconfig changes; this is complex enough. We can independently
> revisit later whether keeping CPU_HOTPLUG makes sense or not.
> I have done this in 33 commits. I decided against a giant monolithic
> patch for several reasons:


> scripts/mod/modpost.c | 52 ++++------------------
> 307 files changed, 895 insertions(+), 1036 deletions(-)

Cool, thanks Paul for addressing all this!


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