Re: i2c: introduce i2c helper i2c_find_client_by_name()

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Sun Jun 23 2013 - 08:41:23 EST

> >I also wonder about the need to unregister. I have to admit I don't know
> >much about I2C handling in v4l2. But if it requires unregistering from
> >i2c core and registering to v4l2 core, then it sounds to me like we
> >could check if there is a more fundamential cleanup needed? Deferring
> >for now, looks like an issue worth looking at, yet there are other
> >things in the queue first.
> >
> Platform codes are supposed to call i2c_register_board_info() or
> i2c_new_device() to register devices, we don't want to change this.


> Not sure v4l2 can still take over the devices without
> unregistering/registering. Need look deeply into the v4l2 code...

That would help, I currently don't have time for that.



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