Re: MTRR use in drivers

From: Dave Airlie
Date: Sun Jun 23 2013 - 16:54:18 EST

>> breaking old boxes just because, is just going to get reverted when I
>> get the first regression report that you broke old boxes.
> Not "just because", but *if* the choice is between breaking old boxes
> and breaking new boxes I'll take the latter.

But Linus won't so your choice doesn't matter.

>> Andy Lutomirski just submitted a bunch of patches to clean up the DRM
>> usage of mtrrs, they are in drm-next, afaik we no longer add them on
>> PAT systems.
> Fantastic news. No issue, then, and no need to break anything.

Granted I haven't tested Andy's patches on my AGP boxes, and I intend to,
if they do cause any regressions he'll be working them out :-)

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