Ok, everybody back to work..

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Jul 18 2013 - 15:18:13 EST

We're over half-way through the first week after the merge window
closed, and normally I'd be complaining to people about how much stuff
you're all sending me, and chewing you out for having clearly sent me
some seriously half-baked crap during the merge window, that should
probably have waited until the next release.

But no. Everybody has been gossiping around the water cooler instead,
and I've had one or two pull requests per day from the people who are
happily oblivious (or too smarter to get involved) about the whole
flame fest.

I'm cantankerous, and hard to please. Send me too much and I yell, and
send me too little and I yell. Because I'm the Goldilocks of kernel
development, and I want my pull requests "just right". And clearly all
the energy has been going into arguing, not working.

Shoo, shoo. Back to your desks. Don't all congregate in the break room.


PS Or maybe you're just being professional and biding your time, and
everybody is planning on sending me the work they when they clock out
on Friday at 5PM. But that's not what it feels like.
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