Speaking out against Sarah Sharp

From: Francesca V.
Date: Wed Jul 24 2013 - 05:49:47 EST

Sarah Sharp recently posted a tirade about verbal abuse on here and
her blog - where she dismisses all comments disagreeing with her as
being from trolls, and deletes them - and takes pride in being
"accidentally racist", when she's not attention-whoring on the LKML.

I want to say, as a female developer: Sarah Sharp is not
representative of us. She's not representative of the women at Intel.
She's not representative of women in technology.

She's a bully. She bullies her husband. She dismisses bullying of her
coworkers. (Google: 'intel kick me'). And she's trying to bully Linus.

I know he's a big boy. But dare I say, Linus is too nice to tell this
drama queen to bugger off.

No one was talking to her. Linus' 'Shut the fuck up' was to a
developer who refused to take responsibility for his code, and blamed
someone else's code. It was deserved criticism. Then, Linus went and
explained just that:

"Similarly, you will see fireworks if some long-term maintainer makes
excuses for breaking user space etc. That will make me go into
incoherent rages."

Which is exactly what the emails held up as "verbal abuse" show.

Sarah's exclaiming how she won't take any of this abuse, yet no one
was directing any of it at her. It's sickening she's got nothing
better to do then stick her nose in and decide to dictate to her
betters how to behave. Yes I said her betters: We all run Linux. Not

Sarah justifies pissing in the Linux sandbox because Intel 'pays her'
to develop kernel drivers. Perhaps her direct manager might rethink
this decision in light of how she's representing Intel in her "off"

To Linus: You're a hero to many of us. Don't change. Please. You DO
NOT need to take time away from doing code to grow a pair of breasts
and judge people's emotional states:

"It does not matter if your cursing fits have causes. The fact is that
if you misjudge someone's emotional state for the day, you yelling at
them is not productive."

As a woman, I couldn't be silent and stand by while Sarah bullied and
assaulted this list with her profanity and self-indulgent narcissism.
She's the problem. Not you. Not your style of communication. We
technical women appreciate being treated equally by our male peers,
with blunt directness and unambiguous criticism. We are not fragile flowers.

We can do our jobs without demanding others interact with us on our
terms and tiptoe around our fragile egos while being considerate of
our ever changing emotional needs.

I promise you, it's true. We're not all Sarah Sharps.

I see a lot of the devs including Linus handling her with kid gloves
to be diplomatic. Don't. If you want to be really nice, maybe drop an
email to her direct manager extending an apology for how hurtful it
was to her, having to observe others having a conversation in which
she wasn't involved. Managers like hearing about that.

We love you Linus, just the grumptastic way you are. Don't change how
you interact, especially because of Sarah Sharp and her ilk. Please and
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