[RFC ebeam PATCH 0/2] new USB eBeam input driver

From: Yann Cantin
Date: Wed Jul 24 2013 - 20:00:51 EST


New USB input driver for eBeam devices.

Currently supported (tested) :
- Luidia eBeam classic projection and edge projection models
- Nec "interactive solution" NP01Wi1 & NP01Wi2 accessories.

>From basic usb point of view, all these devices are
indistinguishable : they have the same usb ids and (blank) hid
report descriptors. There's other re-branded hardware that need to be
test, but i bet on same ids.

Patch 1 to blacklist the devices for hid generic-usb.

Patch 2 is the actual driver.

Notable stuff :
- use div64_s64 for portable 64/64-bits divisions.
- 13 sysfs custom files : 9 values for the transformation matrix,
4 for xy ranges and a calibration trigger.

The module run fine since 3.3.6 kernel, both x86_32 and 64, actually
run in production on a 3.8.13 and compile without errors on
today's linus tree.

Side note :
- This driver was first submit and discuss last year.

Thanks for your help.

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