[PATCH 1/2][RESEND] tracing/syscalls: Annotate raw_init functionwith __init

From: Li Zefan
Date: Wed Jul 24 2013 - 22:28:18 EST

init_syscall_trace() can be called during kernel bootup only, so we can
mark it and the functions it calls as __init.

Signed-off-by: Li Zefan <lizefan@xxxxxxxxxx>

this was sent 4 months ago.

kernel/trace/trace_syscalls.c | 10 +++++-----
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/trace/trace_syscalls.c b/kernel/trace/trace_syscalls.c
index 8f2ac73..1de2ba6 100644
--- a/kernel/trace/trace_syscalls.c
+++ b/kernel/trace/trace_syscalls.c
@@ -200,8 +200,8 @@ extern char *__bad_type_size(void);
#type, #name, offsetof(typeof(trace), name), \
sizeof(trace.name), is_signed_type(type)

-int __set_enter_print_fmt(struct syscall_metadata *entry, char *buf, int len)
+static int __init
+__set_enter_print_fmt(struct syscall_metadata *entry, char *buf, int len)
int i;
int pos = 0;
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ int __set_enter_print_fmt(struct syscall_metadata *entry, char *buf, int len)
return pos;

-static int set_syscall_print_fmt(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
+static int __init set_syscall_print_fmt(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
char *print_fmt;
int len;
@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ static int set_syscall_print_fmt(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
return 0;

-static void free_syscall_print_fmt(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
+static void __init free_syscall_print_fmt(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
struct syscall_metadata *entry = call->data;

@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ static void unreg_event_syscall_exit(struct ftrace_event_file *file,

-static int init_syscall_trace(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
+static int __init init_syscall_trace(struct ftrace_event_call *call)
int id;
int num;
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