Re: Ugly patches for stolen reservation

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Jul 25 2013 - 20:31:35 EST

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 3:42 PM, H. Peter Anvin <hpa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So the bootloader is just as likely to step on things... what happens when/if it does?

This isn't a new problem. We've had this "firmware tables don't show
all devices" issue before.

The only odd thing about this one is how the quirk in question uses
"e820_add_region()" instead of just adding things to the MMIO list.
And I think that's actually likely a mistake.

So Jesse, why don't you do what the other quirks do, and claim an
actual MMIO resource? If you make it a real resource, you'll get to
use fancy things like REAL NAMES, and actually document it. With
human-readable strings.

See quirk_io_region() in drivers/pci/quirks.c for example. The same
code except for IORESOURCE_MEM should do a lovely job..

And even *if* it's already marked reserved in the e820 table, it just
looks nice in /proc/iomem.


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