Re: [PATCH 14/16] usb: musb: dsps: add MUSB_DEVCTL_SESSION backafter removal

From: Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
Date: Fri Jul 26 2013 - 11:45:02 EST

* Bin Liu | 2013-07-23 13:55:27 [-0500]:

>Hi Sebastian,
Hi Bin,

>> In my testing the bit remains set. How is the bit supposed to come back
>> after I connect a host device?
>The bit remains even when no device is plugged and ID ping is float?
After I set it, it remains set yes.

>what platform do you use to test it?
AM335x evm

>'a host device'? you meant a usb device? By the otg specs, the session
>will not automatically start. The user/app has to issue the command,
>either by SRP or HNP, or something else. In TI 3.2 kernel, there is
>workaround in otg_timer() to _toggle_ the SESSION bit to detect if ID
>pin is grounded, which means a USB device is connected.

I see. Let me check that TI kernel. The same thing happens however if
the musb is configured as host (not OTG).


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