[PATCH 0/9] Add namespace support for syslog v2

From: Rui Xiang
Date: Sun Jul 28 2013 - 22:34:10 EST

This patchset introduces a system log namespace.

It is the 2nd version. The link of the 1st version is
http://lwn.net/Articles/525728/. In that version, syslog_
namespace was added into nsproxy and created through a new
clone flag CLONE_SYSLOG when cloning a process.

There were some discussion in last November about the 1st
version. This version used these important advice, and
referred to Serge's patch(http://lwn.net/Articles/525629/).

Unlike the 1st version, in this patchset, syslog namespace
is tied to a user namespace. Add we must create a new user
ns before create a new syslog ns, because that will make
users have full capabilities in this new userns after
cloning a new user ns. The syslog namespace can be created
through a new command(11) to __NR_syslog syscall. That owe
to a new syslog flag SYSLOG_ACTION_NEW_NS.

In syslog_namespace, some necessary identifiers for handling
syslog buf are containerized. When one container creates a
new syslog ns, individual buf will be allocated to store log
ownned this container.

A new interface ns_printk is added to print the logs which
we want to see in the container. Through ns_printk, we can
get more logs related to a specific net ns, for instance,
iptables. Here we use it to report iptable logs per

Then default printk targeted at the init_syslog_ns will
continue to print out most kernel log to host.

One task in a new syslog ns could affect only current
container through "dmesg", "dmesg -c" and /dev/kmsg
actions. The read/write interface such as /dev/kmsg,
/pro/kmsg and syslog syscall continue to be useful for
container users.

This patchset is based on linus' linux tree.

Rui Xiang (9):
syslog_ns: add syslog_namespace and put/get_syslog_ns
syslog_ns: add syslog_ns into user_namespace
syslog_ns: add init syslog_ns for global syslog
syslog_ns: make syslog handling per namespace
syslog_ns: make permisiion check per user namespace
syslog_ns: use init syslog_ns for console action
syslog_ns: implement function for creating syslog ns
syslog_ns: implement ns_printk for specific syslog_ns
netfilter: use ns_printk in iptable context

fs/proc/kmsg.c | 17 +-
include/linux/printk.h | 5 +-
include/linux/syslog.h | 79 ++++-
include/linux/user_namespace.h | 2 +
include/net/netfilter/xt_log.h | 6 +-
kernel/printk.c | 642 ++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
kernel/sysctl.c | 3 +-
kernel/user.c | 3 +
kernel/user_namespace.c | 4 +
net/netfilter/xt_LOG.c | 4 +-
10 files changed, 493 insertions(+), 272 deletions(-)


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