Re: [PATCH v2 00/42] ARM: at91: move to common clk framework

From: boris brezillon
Date: Mon Jul 29 2013 - 11:30:38 EST

On 29/07/2013 17:09, Richard Genoud wrote:
2013/7/29 boris brezillon <b.brezillon@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 29/07/2013 16:18, Richard Genoud wrote:
2013/7/29 boris brezillon <b.brezillon@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 29/07/2013 10:00, Richard Genoud wrote:
2013/7/26 boris brezillon <b.brezillon@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
On 26/07/2013 17:44, boris brezillon wrote:
I found 2 bugs:
1) the main frequency ready test in recalc_rate function is wrong
2) the common clk framework uses the first match for dt clk
and main clk has this compatible property:
compatible = "atmel,at91rm9200-clk-main", "fixed-clock";
As a result the main clk is always bound to the fixed-clock driver
which set the clock frequency to 0 if 'clock-frequency' property

These bugs will be fixed in next version.
Tell me if you want need thesse patches for testing purpose.
Hi Boris,

I tested your patch, the clock is not at 0 anymore:
AT91: PIT: mck rate = 8333333

And it's booting correctly.
There's a small bug I found in the at91sam9x5 dtsi file (ssc id is 28,
not 27). (patch attached)

And yes, I could use your patches for some more tests !


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the bug report.

You'll find in attachements the pre-v3 series fixing the detected bugs
(including the ssc clock id bug).

If you need anything else please let me know.
Working on sam9g35ek !
you can add my:
Tested-by: Richard Genoud <richard.genoud@xxxxxxxxx>

One remark though:
Maybe it would be interesting to keep using the defines in the device
tree for peripheral IDs.
For instance, in arch/arm/boot/dts/at91sam9x5.dtsi : (patch 33)
ssc_clk@28 {
id = <28>;
May be more readable with the SSC id AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC, as it was
defined in arch/arm/mach-at91/at91sam9x5.c (removed with patch 20)

IMHO, all AT91SAM9X5_ID_xxx in
arch/arm/mach-at91/include/mach/at91sam9x5.h can me moved in
include/dt-bindings/ and used in at91sam9x5.dtsi
This was requested by Jean-Christophe too.
I'll add these macro files and make use of it in next version.

BTW where should I put these macro files
(include/dt-bindings/at91/'soc-name'/peripherals.h) ?
That sounds correct I suppose.
Ok, I will use this path pattern.
Should I use macros for address fied of clocks or just for id property (or
drop the address) ?

ssc_clk@AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC {
id = <AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC>;


ssc_clk@28 {
id = <AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC>;


ssc_clk {
id = <AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC>;
I would drop the address, since the names are always different (for
instance, dma0_clk and dma1_clk are used).
Ok, I'll drop the address.
And the define should also be used here:
ssc0: ssc@f0010000 { [...]
clocks = <&periph AT91SAM9X5_ID_SSC>;
Yes of course, and it should be used for interrupt ids too (but this will not be part of this series :)).

Thanks for your review.

Best Regards,

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