Re: [PATCH review 05/16] xfs: Update xfs_ioctl_setattr to handleprojids in any user namespace

From: Gao feng
Date: Tue Jul 30 2013 - 00:03:20 EST

On 07/30/2013 11:57 AM, Dave Chinner wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 11:15:50AM +0800, Gao feng wrote:
>> On 07/29/2013 03:51 PM, Dave Chinner wrote:
>>> Basically, the discussion we are currently having is whether project
>>> IDs should be exposed to user namespaces at all. e.g:
>>> "Basically, until we have worked out *if* project quotas can be used
>>> safely within user namespaces, we need to reject any attempt to use
>>> them from within a user namespace container."
>> yes, seems this v6 patchset allows user in un-init user namespace to setup proj quota
>> through ioctl, and the projid hasn't been converted to kprojid in this patchset.
>> Doesn't this will cause user in container has the ability to change the proj quota
>> which is set by root user in host?
> Dwight just posted v7. can you discuss your concerns in reposnse to
> the relevant patch in that series, please? it's much easier for
> everyone if we keep the discussion int eh one thread ;)

sure, I am compiling v7 patchset now in order to confirm my misgiving :)

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